Natalie Beer

Natalie is a highly skilled and dedicated Senior Law Clerk who joined Richardson Legal in June 2023.

With years of experience working alongside Director Linda Richardson, Natalie has proven herself to be a valuable asset to the firm and its clients. Her intelligence, competence, and personable nature make her an indispensable member of the team.

Natalie has been in the legal field for many years, and her expertise lies in the preparation and management of documents essential for the efficient handling of legal matters. Natalie’s warm and approachable demeanour makes clients feel comfortable and confident in the legal process.



Strong Support

Natalie plays a vital role in providing strong support to both the legal team and the firm’s clients. Her attention to detail and organisational skills help keep cases on track and moving smoothly. Clients count on Natalie to guide them through the legal process with professionalism and empathy.

Client Focus

Natalie is dedicated to putting the clients’ needs first. She takes the time to understand their concerns and objectives, ensuring that their interests are well-represented throughout the legal process. Her commitment to exceptional client service has garnered praise and loyalty from many satisfied clients.



Natalie’s journey to becoming a Senior Law Clerk has been enriched through her hands-on experience gained by working within the family law field for a number of years.

Her practical knowledge and expertise have been honed through her dedicated work in family law. Throughout her career, Natalie has been involved in a wide range of family law cases, dealing with various complexities and unique situations. 



This real-world experience has given her a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in family legal matters, allowing her to provide well-informed and empathetic support to clients during emotionally challenging times.

It is Natalie’s dedication to continuous professional growth that makes her an outstanding Senior Law Clerk at Richardson Legal, and a valued member of the legal team.


Outside of her professional life, Natalie’s interests have focused around her role as a first-time mother.

Her precious toddler keeps her on her toes, and she is fully dedicated to providing the best care and love to her little one.

While her focus is primarily on her family at the moment, she still manages to find joy in the little things and values the support and understanding of her colleagues at Richardson Legal.