Family Dispute Resolution

Helping families find common ground.


Perth Family Dispute Resolution
Helping families find common ground

Are you experiencing a breakdown of a relationship where shared children and assets are involved?

It can be difficult for a lot of former partners to ‘come to the table’ to resolve financial settlements and parental arrangements.

If you are having trouble establishing effective communication and reaching mutual agreement with the above, you could benefit from family dispute resolution – a special type of Mediation.

At Richardson Legal, family dispute resolution is a service we are proud to provide. We listen, guide and facilitate the best legal resolutions for you and your family.

What can be resolved during family dispute resolutions?

Australian law requires parties attempting family dispute resolutions first before starting a case within the Family Court of Western Australia (or local regional Magistrates Court) for orders about children. This is the path for most, but not all family dispute cases.

These are the issues family dispute resolutions seek to address and have both parties agree to:

Family dispute resolutions can also be utilised where there is family law disputes with other family members, such as in-laws or grandparents spending time with your children, even if you and your partner have not separated.

What is the family dispute resolution process

The pre-litigation process of family Mediation is commonly referred to as Family Dispute Resolution. These disputes and their envisaged resolutions are undertaken by a professional, impartial family dispute resolution practitioner.

If, for whatever reason, one party refuses to take part in the Mediation process, or if parties still cannot reach agreement during Mediation, the family dispute resolution practitioner will issue a 601 Certificate, enabling all parties to file a Court Application.

What happens if an agreement is reached in family dispute resolution

There are two options here:
  • One, you can enter into a parenting plan, or
  • Two, you can formalise the agreement via applying for consent orders within the Court.

What if no agreement is reached?

You can ask for an FDR Certificate to show you tried family dispute resolution. From here, you and your ex-partner (or other person involved in the dispute) can apply to the Family Court for orders about your child.The highly reputable and experienced Perth family law specialists at Richardson Legal are here for you. Separation involving shared assets and children is never easy.

For family law Mediation and family dispute resolutions, trust in Richardson Legal when it comes to your family.