Consent Orders

Helping you navigate the consent order process with confidence.

Consent Orders Perth
Navigate the consent order process with confidence

Are you and your former partner in agreement with important arrangements such as caring for children and the end of your financial relationship?

If you answered yes to the above, you could apply to the Family Court to have your agreement formalised. This is known as a consent order.

At Richardson Legal, we have the expertise needed to formulate, draft and submit your consent order. You can count on our understanding and warm approach to help you through your case.

What is a consent order

Consent orders are formal, written arrangements that are agreed upon in family law proceedings in Australia. These orders must be approved by the Court to ensure they are legally binding.

Consent orders are commonly utilised in both financial affairs (financial consent orders) and parenting arrangements (parenting consent orders).

The keyword is consent.

Where a Court Order is made by a judge and not usually negotiated between parties first, a consent order is negotiated and inevitably agreed to.

How do you apply for consent orders?

A Court form must be completed in your application for a consent order.

This application provides the Court with essential information, such as:

It’s highly recommended to seek out a Perth lawyer who has expertise in family law and property settlement to help you draft, attach and file your consent order with the Court.

Are consent orders contestable

Consent orders as well as any other financial settlement orders approved in family law proceedings are designed to be final.

However, a judge has the right to amend any order that is deemed to be unfair in any way.

Is a consent order enforceable?

Yes. This is because they are legally binding when approved by the Family Court of Australia/Family Court of Western Australia. Once approved, a consent order is enforceable as if the arrangement(s) were decided on a final basis by the Court. If you and your former partner are not seeing eye to eye on such matters, don’t worry, there are other legal options available.

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